KickShot Soccer Board Game

Experience the thrill of an actual soccer game with KickShot®! Designed for up to 6 players, 5 year old kids through adults, play KickShot Soccer Board Game with two dice, offense, defense and referee cards to advance the ball across the board, intercept, and score goals. One KickShot game includes three levels of play, depending on age and desired challenge, but you may wish to develop your own creative variations as well.

We offer a soccer strategy board game and other accessories all with endearing characters in various soccer actions.

KickShot is the only soccer board game that teaches young players the mental side of soccer and helps lift their soccer game beyond just kicking and running straight for the goal. Click this for more on KickShot in Education.

KickShot: Mental Engagement for superior Physical Performance

A recent Wall Street Journal article asserts that board games teach kids patience and sportsmanship. According to Jason Quintero, Director of Coaching for Moscow United Soccer Club “A board game like KickShot can help players mentally prepare for games and help them think more about the concepts of dribbling and passing, as opposed to random kicking which they get rewarded for if it goes far down the field.”

KickShot and World Cup 2014

KickShot World Cup poster

Celebrate World Cup with KickShot

World Cup 2014, KickShot Soccer Board Game Store Display

Join World Cup celebration with KickShot

Between now through Jul 13 (the finals), KickShot will donate 20% of sales proceeds to the charity of your choice. Mention WC2014 and name your charity at Checkout when placing the order.

There are One Bra-zillion™ ways to score with KickShot and Rio-lize™ your soccer goals. KickShot Soccer Board Game and all accessory products make ideal birthday and holiday gifts, and fundraisers for soccer clubs and non-profits.

The products will surely get the entire family into the spirit of World Cup 2014.

Join us on this magical journey as we build the KickShot community — one player and one organization at a time.